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World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day 2021 : A day to reflect, and act.

Only two countries in the entire world border three different oceans. So it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of those two countries came up with the idea for World Oceans Day. 

Twenty-nine years after the concept was first proposed, it’s up to all of us to find creative solutions to the environmental pressures facing the world’s oceans. Back in 1992, the original idea for World Oceans Day was first put forth by two different Canadian organizations: the International Centre for Ocean Development and the Ocean Institute of Canada. 

Sixteen years later, the United Nations codified the event’s worldwide status, officially proclaiming June 8 to be a day for people around the world to celebrate the world’s oceans and work on innovative new ways to protect them.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Nearly all the world’s water (97%) is contained within our oceans. In fact, oceans cover 71% of the entire surface of the Earth.

Making a difference together

Unfortunately, despite the vital role that our oceans play, we haven’t treated them all that well. Massive amounts of plastic waste and a wide array of toxic pollutants have clogged oceans around the world. Meanwhile, our continued emission of greenhouse gases has prompted climate change to accelerate, rising water levels and threatening thousands of ocean-surrounded islands. That’s why it’s time for all of us to band together to address these pressing issues.

For individuals, the tried and true slogan of reduce, reuse, recycle remains just as relevant today as it’s ever been. It’s on each of us to be mindful of the resources we consume, make smarter choices, and make sure that we limit waste as much as possible.

On the company level, Life In Green is also doing its part. We’re producing world-class products and innovative solutions for our customers to help them transition into eco-friendly packaging. We’re also doing our part as activists, including signing the Campaign for Nature’s 30×30 petition to better protect our natural world. 

Together, we can build a strong circular economy, reduce the amount of waste flowing into our waterways, and give our oceans the love and respect they need and deserve.

Happy World Oceans Day!