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Private Label

Life in Green can help you deliver a branded experience to your customers & employees. Our cups & sleeves are fully customizable to reflect your brand, logo, colors, and message. Our marketing team will work with you to develop the perfect cup concept for your company. We offer a wide variety of cup types as well as customizable sleeves:

-Single Wall
-Double Wall
-Ripple Wall

All cups are available in compostable option lined with a plant-based PLA material or standard paper cup option lined with PE material.

Ready To Get Started

Take a look at some of our private print projects!

Creating your customized cup!

Cup & Sleeves
  • Single Wall
  • Double Wall
  • Insulated Ripple
  • Vending
  • Kraft Sleeves
  • Color Sleeves
Sustainable Choice

Compostable Paper Cups & Lids

  • The cups are lined with a plant-based PLA material
  • The lids are made with PLA material
  • BPI Certified
Eco-friendly Choice

Paper Cups & Lids

  • The cups are lined with PE material
  • The recyclable lids are made with PP-5 or PS-6 material
Matching Lids
  • Compostable Dome Lids
  • Recyclable PS-5 Dome Lids
  • Recyclable PP-6 Dome Lids
  • Recyclable Vending Flat Lids
  • Choose your background-color
  • Position your logo
  • Add a tagline
  • Highlight a key message
  • Promote a sustainable option

The cup & sleeve options for your customized project.